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Pedaling for a Purpose: Annual Ride for Tiny Town

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

On February 4th, 2023 the 5th Annual Ride for Tiny Town event took place in Arcadia, Florida, and it was a huge success. Organized by Event Director Karen Smoke and the DeSoto Cares Volunteers team, the event was designed to deliver a fun and unique experience while also benefiting the DeSoto Cares Homeless Services and the Tiny Town Project.

Cyclists of all levels were invited to participate, with four different route options to choose from: a 10-mile Slow Roll route, and more challenging 35-mile route, 45-mile route, and an even more challenging 60-mile route. Along the way, riders were treated to beautiful views of ranch lands, citrus orchards and picturesque countryside. More than 200 riders took to the roads.

Despite the varying levels of difficulty, all participants were able to pedal at their own pace, with the focus being on enjoying the experience and coming together for a good cause. And what a cause it was! The Ride for Tiny Town event raised much-needed funds for the DeSoto Cares Homeless Services and the Tiny Town Project, which is working to provide housing for the homeless in the area.

After crossing the finish line, participants were treated to a delicious complimentary lunch provided by Arcadia Rodeo Association and others, and a post-race festival complete with music and awards. Volunteers gathered at the finish line motivating and congratulating riders.

Overall, the 5th Annual Ride for Tiny Town was a tremendous success, both in terms of the funds raised and the sense of community that was created.

The Sixth Annual Ride for Tiny Town will take place on Saturday, February 3, 2024. The Ride is a CAAM event and registration is through Registration is now open. To register go to:

For more information about where to stay and more, including photos from past rides see: To contact event director Karen Smoke, email, or call 863 558 0532. Please leave a message or text first and we will get back to you.

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